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Private Counselling for Anger Management In Surrey

Have you been struggling with feelings of anger?

Do you need help calming those feelings before something really bad happens?

We are here to help.

Private Surrey anger management counselling can help to change the automated responses from your brain.

You can overcome anger.

Angry Bull - Anger Management Counselling in Surrey

What is Anger?

Anger is a natural response to protect us from high risk situations.

The feelings of anger come from deep, primal parts of the brain.

However, sometime the brain can decide something is high risk when it isn’t.

Once those feelings are triggered, they can seem hard to control.

Anger is sometimes referred to as the red mist.

It is like an overly protective security guard, which has the capability to lock down the executive team when the alarm is incorrectly sounded.

But we can help you to retrain your security guard, so that you no longer need to experience the same feelings of anger at the wrong time.

Top 6 Symptoms of Anger

People suffering from anger often experience these 6 most common symptoms:

  1. Are easily Irritated with people or situations.
  2. Find their muscles are tense.
  3. Experience the “Red Mist”, which may feel as though someone else is taking over.
  4. Get an increased heart rate or tightness in the chest.
  5. Guilt or humiliation once they have calmed down.
  6. Can feel a churning in their stomach, shaking or dizziness.

How Does Surrey Anger Management Work?

Our anger management counsellors are based in Leatherhead, Surrey, but also work in London and online (Zoom).

When you work with a Surrey Counsellor for anger management, they will:

  1. Talk about what is triggering the anger episodes.
  2. Talk about how you would prefer to be in those situations.
  3. Provide some simple activities, to help you subconscious brain move from it’s old pattern of behaviours, to the thoughts and feelings you would prefer.

Many people notice a difference within just a few sessions.

We do not use normal talking therapy.

Book Anger Management Counselling

To book your private counselling for Anger Management in Surrey, simply chose the date and time that works for you.

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