Announcing The Human Givens Conference 2022

Human Givens Counsellor Conference 14 & 15 May 2022.

It’s great to see Human Givens Counsellors getting back together in person again, as the Covid pandemic eases.

The 2022 Human Givens conference is a two day event, held the weekend of 14th and 15th May, at the Woodland Grange hotel and conference facility, between London and Birmingham.

Table of Contents

Where Is The 2022 Human Givens Conference?

The conference is being held at Woodland Grange, Old Milverton Ln, Leamington Spa CV32 6RN.

Human Givens Counselling Conference Programme

The 2022 Human Givens Conference Programme is set to talk with counsellors about:

  • Findings on brain inflammation and disturbed sleep. By Andrew Morrice.
  • The results following a full review of the HG Diploma training. By Gareth Hughes.
  • Using stories and metaphor to help veterans at PTSD Resolution. By Rob Parkinson.
  • Project 100 to track the performance of counselling. By Bill Andrews.
  • The “Just What We Need” programme for parents, which commenced in 2007. By Carmen Kane.
  • Managing client concerns and complaints. By Mark Stobbs.
  • Working with refugees and asylum seekers. By Malcolm Hansom.
  • Human Givens based research into schizophrenia. By Ezra Hewing of Suffolk Mind.
  • The results of Emotional Needs Audits from over 6,000 participants. By Naomi Simons.
  • Using Human Givens to help in care homes. By Sue Gray.
  • The first UK mental health charter for universities. By Gareth Hughes.
  • Therapy with young children and their parents. By Miriam Chachamu.
  • Political considerations. By Gavin Jinks.
  • Wisdom in therapy. By Ivan Tyrrell.

Who Is At The Human Givens Counsellor Dinner?

On Saturday night, the Human Givens Conference 2022 will have a dinner for counsellors attending the event.

This is bound to contain a wide variety of amazing and insightful conversations, and chance to meet with like minded people.

An opportunity not to be missed!

How To Book The 2022 Human Givens Conference?

If you are a counsellor or interested in counselling, and would like to book you place at the Human Givens Counselling Conference, visit the Human Givens Conference webpage or call UK 01323 811690 during standard office hours.