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Special Offer – Human Givens Counselling Study Participants

We are currently recruiting people who have mild to moderate anxiety, depression or phobias, to participate in our studies with Human Givens trainee counsellors.

Human Givens counselling is a positive, rapid, solution focused therapy. A 12 month study of 120 patients treated by Human Givens therapists in a GP’s surgery, found that three-quarters were either symptom-free or reliably improved after an average of 3.6 sessions. This compares favourably with the recovery rate for the UK Government’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme, which mainly uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), expects therapy to take longer, and where less than half of its patients improve or recover.

Recruits for the Human Givens study will be offered up to five counselling sessions.

Our normaly rates are £80, but for this study, we are offering sessions at cost (covering room rental, etc) at for only £20 per session. You will be getting even better therapy for less cost!

The counselling will be offered by professional therapists, who have completed their Part 2 Human Givens diploma and are progressing, as a part 2 qualified trainee, through the final Part 3 qualification to become a registered Human Givens practitioner.

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Trainee Counsellor Qualifications

When working with a Human Givens Trainee Counsellor, you are working with a well trained and experienced therapist who:

  • Has been formally trained by the Human Givens College.
  • Has completion their Part 2 diploma in Human Givens counselling, which requires over 400 hours of training, extensive research, practical assessments and a formal examination.
  • Is formally regulated by the Human Givens Institute.
  • Is under close supervision by a formally accredited Human Givens supervisor.
  • Holds professional indemnity insurance to provide Human Givens counselling.

How Does Human Givens Counselling Work?

In Human Givens, measuring improvements is an important part of our work. Participants will be asked to complete short assessments, before and after each counselling session. The assessments also help your counsellor to quickly understand your current concerns and to provide more relevant support.

Sessions are typically held face-to-face, but can often be performed online via Zoom.

Each Human Givens session uses a specific structure, where you will:

  • Briefly discuss your current concern, when it started and how it affects you now.
  • Consider how you would like to be, and what you would like to achieve from the therapy.
  • Discuss what changes need to occur to improve the matter, which may include tasks to help improve the balance of your innate emotional needs.
  • Mentally rehearse that future you, to help your brain incorporate those new thoughts, feelings and habits into your day-to-day activities.

Where there are signs of traumatic memories or phobias, the Human Givens Fast Rewind technique may be used to help quickly disconnect negative emotions from those memories. This is a powerful technique, which can only be performed face-to-face with your counsellor, and not online.

Therapy sessions will be recorded, so that the counsellor can review their work with their accredited supervisor.

Previous Participate Feedback

Participant feedback to date has been highly positive. For example:

I was recommended Keith by a friend of a friend and it was the best recommendation. I have suffered from low self-esteem, anxiety, anger problems and misophonia for as long as I can remember. Keith made me feel very at ease from the first time we met and made me feel comfortable talking about my situation. It was my first time trying the Human Givens approach and at first unsure of how it would work. Keith was very good at explaining what would happen and reassuring me along the way. After 4 sessions, I felt so much better and like a weight had been lifted. I am able to think clearly and my reactions to situations which used to bother me are a lot more rational.
I would highly recommend Keith and the human givens approach

From EF

How To Register to Participate

If you believe you may have mild to moderate anxiety, depression or phobia, simply enter your details to register for heavily discounted counselling with a Human Givens Trainee Counsellor.