Counselling Help for Anxiety in Reigate, near Redhill, Epsom, Dorking, Horley

Perhaps you’ve had enough of feeling anxious, worried or stressed.

Perhaps you remember how it felt to be calm and happy, or know other people who have those feelings.

Why keep struggling with anxiety, when professional help is available?

We can help you find those feelings and release that tension, stress and pressure.

We provide help for anxiety in Surrey, Reigate, near Redhill, Horley, Epsom, Dorking and Cobham.

We use advanced therapy techniques that are designed to be easy and quick.

To start your change, simply click here to book your anxiety counselling.

Dealing with Anxiety

Most clients say that their anxiety was overwhelming, and they didn’t know where to start.

Our anxiety counsellor has helped lots of people, and will use a structured approach designed for you to feel better.

We can help you find the path you need.

You can feel better again.

Not Just Talking Therapy For Anxiety

As a private counselling organisation, we are able to the latest research and development into anxiety counselling.

We still use some components from free NHS anxiety talking therapies such as CBT.

But we also use a much wider range of therapies, to help change your automated brain responses that are creating that feeling of unease.

We do not provide anxiety medication or advice about medication.

We just work to help you change the processes in your brain.

To assess your level of anxiety, take our GAD7 anxiety assessment.

Help For Anxiety Panic Attacks

If your anxiety is triggering panic attacks, we can also help to reduce the chance of panic attacks happening, and provide you with tools to make it easy to deal with the panic attacks if they should happen to occur.

You life can become much easier.

About Anxiety Counselling Help in Surrey

Our Surrey Anxiety Counselling HQ is based in Reigate, Surrey, for Counselling near Horley, Epsom, Dorking and Redhill.

Our anxiety counsellor specialist is Keith Dewey, who is qualified in a range of therapies for counselling to help you as quickly and easily as we can.

Keith Dewey - Surrey Counsellor
Keith Dewey – Surrey Counsellor

Client Review For Surrey Anxiety Counselling

Life Changer
I was recommended Keith by a friend of a friend and it was the best recommendation. I have suffered from low self-esteem, anxiety, anger problems and misophonia for as long as I can remember. Keith made me feel very at ease from the first time we met and made me feel comfortable talking about my situation. It was my first time trying hypnotherapy/ Human Givens approach and at first unsure of how it would work. Keith was very good at explaining what would happen and reassuring me along the way. After 4 session, I felt so much better and like a weight had been lifted. I am able to think clearly and my reactions to situations which used to bother me are a lot more rational.
I would highly recommend Keith and the human givens approach

From a real client.

Book Surrey Anxiety Counselling

To book anxiety counselling with us, online (Zoom), in Leatherhead (near Epsom, Dorking, Cobham and Reigate) or London, simply choose the date and time that works for you:

Each session is only £95 for 50 minutes, but the improvements can be life changing.

Why not book your first session and see how you feel? Clients often feel an immediate lift, and can book more sessions if needed.