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Hypnotherapy is a powerful approach for changing automated routines in the subconscious brain.

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It can help you do the things you do want to do.

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Can Surrey Hypnotherapy help Now?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most popular therapies for helping people to change.

Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years and can be very powerful.

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of mental and physical issues.

Issues such as IBS can even be referred from the NHS and can make an amazing difference.

What is Hypnotherapy?

It may seem strange, but there is no common definition of what hypnotherapy is, besides being “therapy with hypnosis”.

Hypnosis is typically considered to be a “focused state of attention”, although this is still hotly debated in the hypnotherapy community, with many saying that it is not much different to a trance when watching television, driving or reading.

Hypnosis is often thought to be similar to day dreaming, where you can still be aware of what is going on, but you have that focus. This focus can help you mind to change.

Likewise, the therapy component can vary hugely. While the high level approaches are important, individuals words and sentences can also make a huge difference in the success of the therapy.

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What Can Hypnotherapy Help With?

Hypnotherapy is used to help improve the automated processes in your subconscious brain.

Those processes trigger your conscious thoughts, including worry, habits and pain.

Surrey Hypnotherapy is often used to help people with:

  • Physical Pain Management, IBS
  • Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fears and Phobias.
  • Anger Management.
  • Eating and drinking.
  • Quitting smoking.
  • Nail biting.
  • Stuttering or stammering.

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What happens in a Surrey hypnotherapy session?

In a Surrey Hypnotherapy session, the hypnotherapist will:

  1. Discuss what you do and don’t want. This conversation is often quite quick.
  2. Initiate the hypnotic induction, which might use your focus or relaxation. There are many approaches.
  3. Conduct the therapy, which can relate to what you want to work on, and the approach of your hypnotherapist.
  4. Bring you fully back to the room.

While these stages are common to hypnotherapy sessions, the actual hypnotic induction can vary considerably.

Every hypnotherapist is different. Every hypnotherapy session is different.

Find A Qualified Hypnotherapist

Unfortunately, there are no mandated training, qualifications or regulations for hypnotherapists in the UK.

This means that there is a wide variety of skills, competency and professionalism.

At SurreyTherapy, quality and safety are a top priority.

Our Surrey Therapies hypnotherapist has undergone extensive training and is regulated by several organisations including the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), the International Hypnotherapy Association (IHA), and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), in addition to hypnotherapy insurance, regular supervision and DBS checks.

Before working with a hypnotherapist, we strongly recommend checking their qualifications.

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Surrey Hypnotherapy Questions

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