Workplace Mental Health Training

Manage Staff Mental Health Training – Surrey & London

Do you know how to identify and help colleagues suffering from mental health issues?

Does your organisation know how to manage staff mental health in the workplace?

Our comprehensive training day will help you learn how to effectively manage staff mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Staff Mental Health Training. Workplace Mental Health.

Why is workplace mental health important?

Research by mental health charity Mind shows that 1 in 6 people are struggling with a mental health issue at any one time. Covid has increased those difficulties for a lot of people.

Mental ill health is estimated to cost employers more than £1,000 per employee each year.

Mental illness of staff accounts for a large proportion of sick days, a large proportion of performance issues and a large proportion of staff turn over.

The mental wellbeing if staff is an important consideration for organisations.

Our mental health training courses can help you to manage mental health for effectively, with colleagues who are happier, more effective and more productive.

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Mental Health First Aid PLUS Workplace Controls

Mental Health First Aid has become a buzz word and hot topic.

Mental Health First Aiders learn about common types of mental health issues, how to identify and speak with individuals about those issues, and how to signpost those individuals to resources for support.

However, Mental Health First Aid is only a small part of the picture when effectively managing staff mental health.

An organisation that really knows how to manage staff mental health in the workplace should not actually need first aiders. The organisations should be able to divert issues, before the reach crisis point and before they need first aid.

On our training day, we will cover key aspects of Mental Health First Aid, to help you identify and support colleagues with difficulties.

We will also spend half of the day talking about wider workplace controls, to create effective management approaches for managing workplace mental health.

Workplace Mental Health Training Agenda

Mental Health First Aid

  • What is Mental Health
  • Common Mental Health Illnesses
  • Identifying and Responding
  • Self Care

Workplace Controls

  • Mental Health Programme
  • Legal Obligations
  • Management Controls
  • Operational Controls

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Training sessions can be provided in house, bespoke for your organisation, or you can join other companies in our shared classroom setting.

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