What Are Your 9 Emotional Needs? Human Givens Counselling Psychology

Your 9 emotional needs in Human Givens are Security, Attention, Autonomy / Control, Community, Emotional intimacy, Privacy, Status, Competence / Achievement, and Meaning / Purpose.

Find out more about the 9 emotional needs from Human Givens below.

People with Emotional Needs in Human Givens
People with Emotional Needs in Human Givens

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The 9 Human Givens Emotional Needs

1) Security

We need to feel physically and mentally secure, in a safe environment that allows us to develop fully.

2) Attention

We need to give and receive attention, which is a form of nutrition.

3) Autonomy / control

We need a sense of autonomy and control, with the ability and freedom to make responsible choices that matter to us.

4) Community

We need to feeling part of a wider community. This is different to just having lots of people near you, as people in big cities can often feel lonely.

5) Emotional intimacy

We need emotional intimacy, in the knowledge that at least one other person, or potentially a pet, totally accepts us for who we are, how we are, how we think and what we do. A person you can be with, without feeling judged or criticised for being yourself.

6) Privacy

We need times of privacy, for an opportunity to reflect and consolidate our experiences, and to calm down if necessary, by removing ourselves from triggers or stressors.

7) Status

We need to feel a sense of status within our social groupings, which could be work, family, friends, hobbies or within organisations. Our sense of status can change when we move home, change job, or retire.

8) Competence / Achievement

We need to feel a sense of competence and achievement. We need to have things that we can complete, that aren’t too hard to too easy, and also a next step after each step is achieved.

9) Meaning / purpose

We need meaning and purpose, which might come from religion, spiritually, family, work or hobbies. It is often associated with a goal that is bigger than ourselves.

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